The Ultimate Guide on How to Write the Perfect Website Brief

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Author: Your website is the mirror image of your personal brand, company, small business, or startup. It’s your presentation to the world and the foundation of your online presence. You can use it to reach out to potential customers, boost sales, showcase your products, or reach a variety of other goals. This is why… Read more »

5 New Ways of Branding with Your Logo

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When you talk about business marketing there are many terms on people’s lips these days. The risk comes in when you use some of them interchangeably and you don’t realize the value each feature can have for your business. This easily happens when talking about ‘brand’, ‘branding’ and ‘logo’, so let’s clarify a few facts… Read more »

Refocus your spending & come out on top

When it comes to operating your business during this time, your first reaction may be to cut, cut, cut. However, historically, during recessions, when businesses choose to refocus their spending instead of making drastic cuts, they outperformed their competitors. Here are some ways you can survive – and thrive – the COVID19 crisis. 1. Solidify… Read more »

Fenwick’s 4th annual day of giving, Raise the Shield

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  Not only is Olive Street Design’s principle, Nat Rosasco, a Fenwick High School graduate, but our team is proud to be working with Fenwick on their school rebranding initiative. We’re excited to help spread the word about their Raise the Shield program, a 24-hour day of giving event that helps support Fenwick students in… Read more »

The End of Google+: Why did Google+ shut down?

In October 2018 Google made a stunning announcement that they’re finally shutting down Google+ for consumers. This social platform was supposed to be Google’s version of Facebook and to compete with the largest social network in the world but it never managed to live up to its potential. The biggest problem with Google+ was that… Read more »

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