Your clients need to know how to expect to interact with your company during the outbreak and various stages of quarantine we will be facing in the coming months. Let us assist you in getting the message to them.

What is your interaction plan?

The first step is know how you plan to interact with your customers during this time. are you available via phone and email? Are you a restaurant offering no touch roadside pickup? There are many solutions being implemented and tested as this situation develops, and we’re in the know on the best policies to surface so far. We can help you notify your clients of plans you already have or help you form your plan from the start and get the word out.

Refocus your spending & come out on top 

When it comes to operating your business during this time, your first reaction may be to cut, cut, cut. However, historically, during recessions, when businesses choose to refocus their spending instead of making drastic cuts, they outperformed their competitors. Here are some ways you can survive – and thrive – the COVID19 crisis.

Solidify your online presence : the COVID19 crisis has shifted the way we live and how businesses run. Everyone is spending time online – is your website up to par? Is your website optimized to be responsive across all devices? Have you informed your audience about business practices during this time? These are all crucial points to tackle. We’re offering free website audits so you understand where you stand.

Use SEO to pass your competition : in order to beat your competition during these times of increased web traffic, you need a solid SEO strategy. SEO will help you gain organic traffic when people are searching for information online. Our effective SEO packages start at just $139/mo, and it works. We have the stats to prove it.

Personalization & offers : get your specials, offers, and information front and center to maximize sales and increase trust in your brand. We offer various personalization options, including pop-ups and an informational bar, to get your most important information out there instantly.

Maximize your social media efforts to engage your customers : social media is a great way to show the personality behind your brand – without pushing sales. Show your audience who you are, how you’re responding to the crisis, and how you care about them. A solid, consistent social media strategy will make people feel like they’re not isolated and alone and will improve your brand’s following and image. Starting at $50/mo.

Our OSD team is here to help you take charge of your digital to-do list – we can help you strategize the right moves for your business to make it through.


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