8 Collections of Free and Paid Dispersion Photoshop Actions


Try these dispersion Photoshop actions if you want to make your images more vibrant, original, captivating. This effect is achieved by breaking the picture up on one edge to make it seems as if it was broken up into little parts.

All the actions are available in ATN format supported by Mac and Windows devices. The presets are compatible with Photoshop CS3-CS6, Creative Cloud, and Photoshop Elements 11-18. You can use them to enhance images in JPG and RAW formats.

1. Free Dispersion Photoshop Actions


If you want to make your dispersion photo more original, check out this bundle that consists of six filters for changing depths and textures. This package lets you alter the colors by making the bright colors dimmer and the picture softer. You can achieve lifelike results by adding subtle textures to an image.

Apply the dispersion actions from this bundle to correct the lighting and refine colors in a few clicks. These filters are great for portrait, wedding, outdoor, landscape, and other photos. The bundle will be useful not only for professional photographers, but also for travelers, bloggers, and amateurs.

2. Dispersion Effect Photoshop Actions


This collection consists of three sophisticated dispersion actions and 23 professional brushes. Use this package to make your subject look shuttered and make clothes or skin look dispersed.

The dispersion effects are perfect for processing sport and action shots as they create the effect of motion focusing the attention on the moving subject. The dispersion is achieved by breaking up any section of an image. The direction of the dispersion effect is up to you.

3. Color Double Exposure Photoshop Actions


This set of actions allows merging two dispersion images for producing a stunning abstract composition. The bundle contains 16 filters for creating beautiful effects that will impress your audience.

Each action from this bundle is designed for a specific task like combining two images, refining a single image with the effect, adding depth of field, or chromatic distortion. These filters are perfect for refining portraits, fashion, and commercial photography.

4. Advanced Double Exposure Photoshop Actions


To make your dispersion pictures even more original, choose this bundle of professional double exposure Photoshop actions. The package will help you achieve sophisticated double exposure and dispersion effects.

The collection contains seven different color styles for refining your visuals. Besides, it allows adjusting the tonality, adding a gradient, depth of field, and chromatic distortion. Moreover, the collection can make your pictures look like movie posters or video-game covers with vibrant colors and adorable graphics.

5. Sparkle Collection of Photoshop Actions


Turn your dispersion images into real masterpieces with these dispersion Photoshop actions. The set contains five original effects for adding stunning sparkles. These actions are great for refining the snow, water, and sky. They allow correcting contrast and customizing colors.

These actions can be used for processing pictures in any genre. Choose this bundle for enhancing family, wedding, and children shots.

6. Shimmer Photoshop Actions


The effects from this pack are very convenient for enhancing photos with a hilarious dispersion effect. The bundle comprises five actions and six brushes for producing captivating shimmering effects. They are perfect for processing children’s images and portraits.

By using these creative actions, you can accelerate post-processing and create designs easier. Besides, you can apply each action separately or try their combinations to achieve a more artistic effect. This bundle is great for professionals and amateurs.

7. Low Poly Photoshop Actions


With Low Poly action collection, you can refine your dispersion images with numerous polygons and glitch effects. Apply these effects if you want to turn your photos into an abstract composition with various geometric lines and forms. This collection enables you to use layers for customizing any aspect of the image.

The set comprises four different effects for refining portraits, real estate, and indoor shots. Besides, these effects are easy to apply and can make your images more interesting. To create a dispersion effect, you can use squares, triangles, diamonds, and other shapes.

8. Glitch Effect Photoshop Actions


Choose these free dispersion Photoshop actions, if you want to create your unique composition with a glitch in a few clicks. The pack comprises 25 fully customizable actions. You can alter their color scheme, adjust brightness, and contrast.

All the effects from this bundle can help you make your images more dynamic and achieve some minor blurring effects. These filters can turn your images into vintage compositions by slightly deforming them. If you want to add some uneven shifts to your images, use this collection.




Can I use Adobe Lr to apply these Photoshop Actions?
Unfortunately, Lightroom does not support the format of action files. Photoshop and Lightroom are different tools, therefore they have their unique presets with their special extensions.

What should I do to install these Ps actions?
The installation process is very easy. Follow these steps for quick installation:

1. Unzip the .zip file with the actions you’ve exported from our website.
2. Look for the file with the .atn extension in .zip folder.
3. Double-click the .atn file to open it in the photo editor.
4. Finish! Once Photoshop is launched, the actions should be installed.

What OS is compatible with the actions?
You can use Microsoft Windows (PC) and OS X (Mac) to edit your files using these actions. Of course, you should make certain that the version of Photoshop installed on your computer supports them.

How to fix “The object ‘brush’ is not currently available” mistake?
Such an error message pops up when the Brush file was not loaded properly. To fix it, you should load it again.

1. Go to the top menu WINDOW –> BRUSHES.
2. Find the menu icon at the upper right corner and choose IMPORT BRUSHES.
3. Pick the BRUSHES (.abr) you want to install and click on the “Load” tab.
4. Your “Brushes” will appear in the Brushes palette.
5. Now you can use the brushes for processing your images.

Once the action, brushes, and patterns are installed, you should play the action again.

How long can I use these actions after download?

You can use these Photoshop actions without any time restrictions.

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