Hiring our Google-Certified Photography Team makes this easy and effective


We get the Shot Right:
An experienced, Google-Certified photographer knows the best possible shots for panoramas and point of interest shots for interior exterior shots. Because they are expertly trained, they avoid the mistake of taking photos in bad lighting or wrong angle and do it correctly.

Specialized Equipment:
The photographer must use a special camera, usually one programmed to take four pictures, which can later be stitched to form a 360 degree image with multiple exposures. For still shots, the photographer uses a high-definition camera with multiple exposure settings. This allows for a crisp user experience.

Eliminate any Unsuitable Pictures:
We will automatically eliminate any bad pictures for you.

Avoid Privacy Violations:
Editors look through the footage to blur faces, license plates, and other sensitive personal information to prevent it being taken down by Google due to privacy violations. We will make sure everything is compliant with Google’s stringent privacy guidelines.

Professional Stitching to Create Seamless Tours:
Editors stitch together the photos using specialized software which requires expert attention to detail.

Plotting the Tour:
Plotting out the tour is a critical skill, and here is where all final edits are made.

Uploading the Tour and Professional Still Images to the Client’s Google Listing:
The final step is uploading the virtual tour and the still photos to the customer’s official Google listing.

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