How to Use SEO to Boost Brand Awareness

Search engine optimization is not exactly a novel practice – for years, it has been the go-to marketing strategy for many businesses. In fact, you probably rely on it too. But even now, many people don’t realize the full potential of SEO. For example: did you know that you could use SEO to boost brand awareness? Search engine optimization and branding are great strategies to combine when you want to expand your reach and get the word out there about your business. So, if you want more people to become aware of your business quickly, learn the best ways to merge SEO with branding.

Why is it a smart idea to use SEO to boost brand awareness?

Both SEO and branding are important marketing techniques for any business, and there is no reason why you should have to choose between them. In fact, thinking about them as entirely separate fields of operation is a mistake. SEO doesn’t just have to be about finding the right keywords for your blog posts. And branding doesn’t just have to be about putting your logo on everything. These are creative fields where you can mix and match the different practices to create a unique strategy that works well for your business. Doing this can actually help you focus your spending – instead of investing in increasing brand awareness and increasing search engine visibility separately, you can solve two problems with one investment. This is especially helpful for small businesses operating on a tight budget. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that supplementing your branding with SEO can significantly improve your results, especially online.

The best ways to use SEO to boost brand awareness

There are many ways you can incorporate SEO with branding. Not all will work equally well for all businesses, but a few are a pretty safe bet any time.

Using backlinks to increase brand awareness

Your brand may be an intangible idea, but it certainly has symbols to represent it. One of the most obvious ones is your logo – you’re probably always finding new ways to brand using your logo on products, uniforms, online profiles, and more. But arguably, the most important symbol of your brand is the name of your business. Ideally, you want the name of your business to be everywhere – in your logo, URL, and all your ads.

Now pair the name of your business with a link to your website, put them on high-traffic websites in your niche, and you’ve got yourself the perfect backlink strategy to support your branding. Not only will this improve your SEO ranking by increasing your domain authority, but it’ll also put the name of your brand in the minds of the consumers. Whether they click the link or not, they’ll know about your business. You just need to choose the right websites to host your backlinks so that you attract the right demographic.

Creating quality content that represents your brand

Increasing brand awareness is not just about making sure people have heard of your business; once they know of you, you want to stay in their minds. This is why keeping customers engaged with your brand after the initial contact is essential. Luckily, there’s an easy and effective way to maintain the connection with clients – through high-quality, high-value content. It’s no secret that content marketing is a great way to attract more visitors. But existing users and converted customers will also keep coming back for good content they enjoy. This allows you to subtly build your brand image. Write about the things your brand represents, adopt a unique tone of voice, and make sure to mention the name of your business in your posts. This will cement a certain idea of your business in the minds of the readers and thus help build your brand.

Focusing on local SEO to reach your target demographic

If you have a physical location or serve a particular geographic area, that is a part of your brand. It’s the people in that same area you want to know about your brand. So the location will play a big role when you’re looking for your target audience. The best way to ensure that you’re reaching precisely these people is to employ local SEO. Use location-specific keywords in combination with your branding efforts to attach your business to a specific place. This will localize your brand and make your business more visible in local searches at the same time.

Optimizing your social media to increase your reach

Social media is an excellent tool for business. If you pick the right platform for your company, you can easily reach thousands of potential customers and establish excellent relationships with loyal followers. But perhaps more importantly, you can use social media to build your brand. Think of your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms as your public persona. Whatever you put out there is what people will associate with your business. And if you follow SEO rules while posting, you’ll make your posts a lot more visible; this, in turn, makes it easier to spread your message.

Identifying and incorporating relevant keywords

You can’t really have SEO without keywords. After all, one of the most important aspects of a good SEO strategy is identifying the keywords you want to rank for. Once you do, you can incorporate those words into your branding strategy as well. Use them when talking about your brand, mention them in press releases if you can, and try to add them to your marketing slogans. This will give you the chance to push your branding efforts to the top of Google’s results. And that will definitely increase your visibility.

When can you expect to see the results of your new strategy?

While it is definitely a good idea to use SEO to boost brand awareness, you cannot expect miracles. Because SEO relies on increasing and improving organic traffic specifically, it takes some time to work. You won’t see much improvement overnight. Instead, it’ll take weeks, if not months, to see real results. To be specific, most SEO strategies take 4 to 6 months to start working. But that shouldn’t discourage you. What SEO lacks in speed, it more than makes up for in longevity. The results may not appear overnight, but they also won’t disappear overnight. Instead, you can expect long-lasting improvement in brand awareness that gradually increases over time.

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