Free and Paid Powerful Instagram Photoshop Actions for Stunning Photos


If you want to post only ravishing, interesting, and pro-grade images on social networks, you should try specially designed Instagram Photoshop actions. These pre-built tools make it possible to turn your everyday Instagram images into like-worthy works of art in just a couple of clicks.

They are fully compatible and adapted for Photoshop CS3 – CS6, Creative Cloud, and PSE 11-18. You can work with them on both Mac and PC platforms, editing RAW and JPG images.

1. Free Instagram Photoshop Actions Collection

free instagram photoshop actions

This Action Pack consists of 6 free Instagram Photoshop actions with different color and tone correction options. For example, the “Light” action enlightens a photo and adds brightness to it, which is great for images taken in the evening or if your camera has poor ISO values.

“Green Shadows” and “Pink Shadow” will add the appropriate shades to a photo to create a warmer or colder mood. “Retro” and “Vignette” contribute to the aesthetic aging of photos, darkened at the edges with typical old-school tones.

2. Free Portrait Actions Collection

free portrait photoshop actions

This action pack includes 5 general-purpose actions for improving detailed portrait shots. Here you will find “Small Smoothing” to even out skin color and tone. For deeper photo enhancement, the developers also added the “Large Smoothing” action.

Other actions like “Glow”, “Skin Color”, and “Pink Cheeks” will make faces look fresher, bonnier, and shinier to make Instagram portraits look colorful and aesthetically pleasing, just like after professional editing.

3. Entire Collection of Photoshop Actions

entire collection photoshop actions

This is the most complete and most popular set of Photoshop actions for Instagram that photographers and graphic designers use to create their masterpieces. Be sure, this package of 846 Photoshop actions will turn your mundane everyday photos into an Instagram masterwork. This package contains modern, portrait, old school, and other actions for various types of photos. With this set, you can improve different types of pictures, both newborn and fashion shots, without limiting yourself to one direction.

The package also includes a detailed tutorial on how to effectively use the actions, providing you with everything you need to enjoy the editing process and the result.

4. Portrait Premium Collection Photoshop Actions

portrait premium photoshop actions

This is a complete set of portrait actions that includes 290 of the most popular tools for improving skin, eyes, removing imperfections and blemishes, and smoothing skin tone. Here you will find actions for classic portraits, High-End Retouching, Pastel Dreams, and other popular actions developed with the focus on details allowing you to create images that arrest everyone’s sight.

These actions are designed to eliminate imperfections in photos, so that you can share pro-level shots on Instagram with no intervention from your side. However, you can also correct images manually if you think this is not enough.

5. Double Exposure Premium Collection of Actions

double exposure premium photoshop actions

This is an amazing package of Instagram Photoshop actions for those users who want to diversify their social network feed with something unusual and creative. As it is clear from the name, these actions simulate a double exposure effect, making them perfect for medium to high exposure shots. At the same time, the color scheme of the original picture isn’t changed, which makes it possible to combine it with any other actions or effects. This works well with portraits when combined with urban or even landscape photography.

With these wonderful instruments, you can add an incredibly beautiful double light effect to your photos, making them awe-inspiring. Among them, there is a color double exposure, a more advanced version, and a dispersion effect as well.

6. Bohemian Film Photoshop Actions

bohemian film photoshop actions

This set contains actions for portraits and fashion images, blogs, and fine art turning them into boho-style masterpieces. Here you will find 65 film Photoshop actions and 20 Photoshop overlays to create a perfect cinematic effect. By applying these actions, you can change the tone of the shadows in the photo, add pinks and greens, dust effect, increase contrast while maintaining the vibe of a photo.

It is perfect for common lifestyle images, weddings, love stories, family shots, or portraits taken during golden hour or sunset. Thanks to these actions, you can add beautiful stylish tones to your portrait, fashion, or fine-art pictures and make your Instagram feed atmospheric and nostalgic.

7. Colorful Landscape Photoshop Actions

colorful landscape photoshop actions

If your Instagram account is focused on landscape photos, this action is right for you. There are 45 actions in the pack, using which you can raise saturation and brightness in mountain landscapes and even sea photos in one click.

These Photoshop actions for Instagram were designed to help you improve your landscape images, as they add unique tones and colors to turn pale photos into eye-catching scenes. You can work on each layer, and apply the effects in just one second. This works great for pictures that have snow-capped peaks and green forests, as well as photos depicting water, lakes, or rivers.

8. Cinematic Colors Photoshop Actions

cinematic colors photoshop actions

This collection transforms your shots into real cinematic film with its 50 actions in ATN format. Using any filter, you can perfectly adjust your Instagram shots: change contract, saturation, and color levels. You can change specific parameters or all at once. The developers made actions non-destructive, which means that your source shots will remain intact.

These tools create a special vibe in romantic and wedding shots. They also work great with school and graduation images.

9. HDR Effect Photoshop Actions

hdr effect photoshop actions

The bundle consists of 30 HDR Instagram Photoshop actions. Using them, you can make colors more contrasted, and get the perfect tone. With just one click, your photo looks like it was taken with an HDR camera.

In addition to the HDR effect, this amazing action pack gives you control over layer blend modes, opacity, and other parameters. This set works well for photos taken in low-light conditions. For example, if you are a product photographer and post your portfolio on Instagram, you can use these tools to balance light in photos and maintain the detail.



What are Photoshop actions for Instagram?
These are multifunctional tools with auto adjustment, making it possible to improve photos in just a couple of clicks like a pro. Experienced photographers and artists have designed them to help you enhance your pictures fast and post the results on Instagram right from Adobe Photoshop. This is something like Instagram filters, but more thoughtful, providing a greater range of settings.

What operating systems do Photoshop actions work on?
Photoshop actions are compatible with both Microsoft Windows (PC) and OS X (Mac). Make sure your version of Adobe Photoshop meets the requirements.

What are the best Photoshop actions for your Instagram page?
Choose the actions that suit your type of photography. If your page is more focused on landscapes, then choose those for landscape photos, and if your Instagram has only portrait shots, then portrait actions will suit you the most. Here’s a tip: don’t be afraid to play around with different actions to achieve original results.

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