Yahoo Finance, September 3, 2020: The 5 Best Examples of App Landing Pages – Plus, the Top 6 Web & App Design Companies, According to Web Design Agency Rating Platform

Strategically designed app landing pages function as a hub for app brands’ digital marketing efforts, collecting, educating and nurturing leads., shared examples of the best app landing pages that help businesses increase their brand awareness and app downloads, as well as ranked the top web and app design companies that develop highly effective app landing pages.

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Yahoo Finance, August 19, 2020: How to Write Compelling Meta Descriptions and 5 Top Examples – Plus, the Top Content Marketing Agencies, According to DesignRush

Studies show that pages with a meta description get 5.8% more clicks than those without a description. DesignRush shared the necessary steps to create meta descriptions that drive traffic, as well as the top content marketing agencies with experience creating high quality meta descriptions.



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