Olive Street Design Launches a New Website for Kishwaukee Reclamation District

Olive Street Design is excited to launch a new website for Kishwaukee Reclamation District.  Kishwaukee Reclamation District’s mission is to protect the public health and environment by providing collection, treatment, and disposal of wastewater for their customers in an efficient and economical manner.  The DeKalb Sanitary District has been around since 1908 and they are a Class I Wastewater Treatment facility responsible to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

You can find a great deal of information about their collection system on their website, including:

  • Current projects
  • Mainenance
  • SSES Tests
  • Backup Preventoin
  • Flow Monitoring
  • Drainage Areas
  • Sewer Rehab
  • Illegal Connections
  • Legal Connections
  • Sump Pumps

You can also see what an average sewer bill is and find information about certain problems you may be experiencing.

To learn more about Kishwaukee Reclamation District, you can visit their new website at http://kishwrd.com/ or you can contact them by calling 815-758-3513.

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