Olive Street Design Launches a New Website for Love Always, Momma

Love Always, Momma is the brainchild of three working mom-preneurs who wanted to create an eco-friendly box of love and guidance for mothers who look like them.

Expecting mothers of color disproportionately experience life-threatening postpartum complications. Additionally, little guidance is shared with expecting mothers about how to protect their babies from toxins when they are born.

Each box is packed with “muhaba” (love in Swahili). Our products are carefully and ethically crafted from premium organic and plant-based materials with you and your precious baby in mind.

We believe in empowering and supporting women as they embark on the challenging but exciting journey of motherhood.

Contact Love Always, Momma at www.lovealwaysmomma.com. If you are in need of a new website, contact us today at www.olivestreetdesign.com

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