Olive Street Design Launches Kristin Baker Coaching

Kristin Baker of Kristin Baker Coaching has worked with a wide variety of clients in all types of industries to help them establish, develop and achieve their personal goals.  Kristin Baker Coaching offers career coaching, including professional, college and high school, along with life coaching, organizational coaching and executive coaching.  Every one of her clients have seen a noticeable improvement in their lives as a result of working with this professional, inspirational and motivational coach.

Kristin Baker Coaching is based in Chicago, IL and they serve clients both individual clients and groups to work on group training.  Even though they are based in Chicago and have many clients from Illinois, they also have national and international clients since they conduct sessions through the phone and email in addition to in-person.

Kristin has her Masters in Psychology along with a certification in Neurolinguistic Programming (NPL) coaching training, a study of how the mind processes language.  Kristin Baker Coaching is passionate about helping their clients to achieve transformational change.

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