Olive Street Design now offers Branded Service Posts!

Businesses often focus on publishing frequent content on their blogs to drive traffic and attract customers. But does that really work?

We don’t think so. Here’s a fact for you: 20,000 new blog posts are published per day online, and that is on WordPress alone!

You can’t compete with quantity, but you CAN commit to a strategy that gives you an edge over all those other content mills.

Three words. Quality. Consistency. Publicity.

We want to take you to the next level of content marketing!

Here’s how:

  • Well-research content focused on YOUR particular products and services.
  • Content that is evergreen (always relevant), and that can be shared again, and again on social media.
  • Links to relevant news that can be consistently updated and always stay fresh.
  • Call-to-actions on EVERY article to draw readers back to your website.
  • Consistent, less frequent blog updates.

What does all this mean? It means investing in “quality over quantity”.

Here at Olive Street Design, we are committed to researching and creating quality, brand-focused content that will generate interest and drive quality traffic (and business!) straight to your door!

Introducing our new blog writing service: Branded Service Posts.

Available on three different levels for your business’ convenience and budget, Branded Service Posts will give you that marketing edge, allowing your business to expand its customer base while maintaining a strong brand identity.

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