Olive Street Design Launches LemonLime Consulting!

Olive Street Design Presents LemonLime Consulting-Specialists in Training Global Leaders

Cynthia Nerangis is the founder and president of LemonLime Consulting, a boutique cultural training firm that specializes in training global leaders to help them develop an enhanced global mindset.  Cynthia has vast experience in developing and leading outstanding training and consulting programs for managers, expatriates and leaders who work in a global position.

LemonLime Consulting focuses on helping their clients to enhance their global mindset and adapt to their new environment successfully.  They can customize a training program that will apply specifically to your global initiatives and will equip you with the cultural competencies and tools that are necessary to achieve global success.  Their services include Global Team Training, Cultural Consulting for the Globally Minded Manager, Expatriate Training & Consulting and Culture on the Go! Training.

LemonLime Consulting is tailored to train in 45 countries.  They consult locally and remotely by video, webinar and in-house.  To learn more about LemonLime Consulting and how they can they help your company, you can visit their website at http://lemonlimeconsulting.com/ or contact them at 312-925-1277.

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