5 Elements You Must Use To Create an Amazing Website

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been in business for a while…

You’re going to need an excellent website. One that converts (online lingo for
bringing in sales, getting people to sign up for your list, or other goal), one that
looks good, and it has to be easy to navigate.

You want to make things easy for your customers, right?

This goes into the first element:

1. Straightforward navigation

Usually you want the basics: About, Contact, Services/Products, Blog, and Resources

Of course you keep these at the top, but you also can bring them to the bottom navigation
of your site.

This bar is also where you can let your brand’s story show and share itself proudly.

Are you a car repair shop? Instead of “resource” use “Your Engine Exploded?” or “Your Car is Crying”
And that’s where you list all of your blog posts, ebooks, and maybe even a coupon for a visit to
help your car stop crying.

2. Branded storytelling

Speaking of branded storytelling – your copy and your design is crucial in attracting your ideal client.

For example, you’re a natural body care company for middle class millennials. Are you seriously going to use sleek design, toned hues and words like “synthetic collagen micro particles?” No.

Look at your target audience. Millennials have smaller budgets, value authentic and organic products, and personality in a company.

So you choose bold colors, recycled materials (because we keep things green!) , and get that product sent to the USDA
to get it organically certified. Oh, and don’t forget the story behind that organic green clay mud mask. Where did you source it?

Did the green clay come off the shores of France from a tiny family owned business where the whole family pitched in?

Well, tell me!

Put that story in your tone, your copy, and your blog posts.

3. Social Media Presence

Let’s not forget the best way that you can connect as a business with your clients! Social media.

Maybe Twitter is your forte, or maybe you’ve gotten stuck in the black hole that is Pinterest. Either case,
your clients are hanging out there and are looking for ways to connect with your service and product.

How am I supposed to know that your car repair shop actually services my little electric car if you didn’t post
that funny meme on Facebook?

I know that the little health food store down the road has a face cream I need, but look at this really cool green
clay mask I found on Pinterest!

4. Valuable Opt-In

When it comes to selling products and services online you have to give people a need to want to come back
to your site and let them stay in touch with you.

Some really great ways of connecting and meeting the visitors to your website are:

  • A Free Ebook Solving a Problem in Your Niche
  • A Coupon or Discount Code for Your Mailing List
  • A Downloadable White Paper With Useful Tips and Tricks
  • A Beta Version of An App
  • A Free Video E-Course

5. Killer Blog Posts that Bring Traffic

This element is one of the more intensive ones. Writing blog posts takes time, energy, and has to
be well crafted. But here is a streamlined approach you can use when crafting your own blog posts

– Gather SEO’d Keywords to Rank High in Your Niche
– Get the Yoast Plug In to Optimize Your Blog Posts
– Answer questions, offer advice, create lists
– Add images to your blog posts
– Share them on social media

These are 5 of the most important key elements to your site. Always remember that you want to give value to the
people that land on your site. Create that trust, build rapport, and help others.

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