Becoming a Digital Nomad: How to Make a Real Go of It

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If you’ve been interested in working remotely and doing something that you love to do and according to your own schedule, becoming a digital nomad is an excellent option. Here are some tips from Olive Street Design about how to make a real go of it.

Release your obligations

Ideally, you’ll want to have a bit of a nest egg to become a digital nomad, especially if you plan on moving to another state. So, if you have any financial obligations weighing you down, such as loans or other subscriptions, then you should work at reducing these or paying these off so that you can start your new career afresh without the burden of financial obligations weighing you down.

Find out what your strengths are

If you’re serious about working remotely, you have to be sure of where your strengths lie; this is vital to do so that you choose work that aligns with your skillset. The brilliant thing about being a digital nomad is that there are plenty of career options to choose from, from copywriting to social media marketing, to digital graphic design—the list is endless. Moreover, you’ll usually find what works for you best by testing the waters and becoming a freelancer first to gauge how much business you can bring in based on your expertise and experience in a specific area.

Augment and improve your skills

Depending on the field of work you want to pursue, it can be helpful to have particular IT certifications to establish your bona fides. Because obtaining some of these IT certifications can be costly, you may find it’s better value to you to pursue an online degree that provides for getting these certifications during your course of study. You can even work on your degree while pursuing other opportunities as a digital nomad. The flexibility of online courses makes it easy to be a student from anywhere.

Join a like-minded community

If you are completely new to the concept of the gig economy, then the thought of going solo might be just as terrifying to you as it is exciting. If so, try not to overthink it too much. Instead, try to find a like-minded community for moral support, as they will most likely be going through similar emotions as you. Furthermore, they could probably provide you with the advice and assistance you need to launch your new career successfully.

Starting your own freelance business

Suppose you already have a vision of what you want to do long-term, then starting your own freelance business may just be your next logical option, which is why starting an LLC may be your best bet. And it’s no wonder why since many solopreneurs have seen the many benefits of an LLC which include significant tax savings as well the protection it affords over your own personal assets. Plus, you can start the process of setting up your own business quickly by using the services of a formation company, which you can find easily online.

Choose your ideal destination

Certainly, one of the best benefits of working remotely is that you can pick and choose where you want to work because you’re not tied down to any one physical location. Here, it’s about deciding on a place that will suit your personality and interests well. But even then, you’re not obligated to stay if the travel bug should happen to bite.

Where will you stay?

Say you’ve landed upon your dream destination, and you’re wondering where to settle down for the next few months. In this case, you will usually have an assortment of places you could potentially occupy including hotels, homestays, co-ops, hostels, and Airbnbs, for example. This would obviously depend on the amount you’ve set aside in your budget for accommodation costs, of course.

One thing is for sure, becoming a digital nomad is a career path that’s certain never to be boring, as you get to work remotely whilst exploring the beauty of your homeland and beyond!

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