Email subject lines that work: By Lindsay Rosasco

By: Lindsay Rosasco

You just created the best email blast, but no matter how awesome your email content, if you don’t have an email subject line that works, nobody will open it. Now, your killer email is a sad, lonely, unopened, trashed email that will generate zero ROI. Bummer.

But the good news for you is that crafting a compelling email subject line is a relatively easy fix, completely within your reach – you need to put forth effort though. Think of your subject line, just like a blog post title, as an important, intentional part of your content, not an afterthought. Use these tips to craft a subject line that your audience wants to open.

Subject lines people want to open

Before writing your subject line and email content, you want a firm understanding of who your audience is, including, but not limited to their demographics. You want to understand their wants, anticipate their needs, and know their basic psychological factors that drive them.

Imply urgency: People have major fear of missing out, so if your email subject uses words to suggest urgency, breaking news, a limited time offer, or an alert, your audience will be more likely to open the email.

Examples: MONSTER SALE extended 24 hours!
Today only- 10% cash back & year end sales.
Last chance – get $25.

Offer direct value: If you know your audience inside and out, then you already know the answers they’re looking for – now, all you have to do is directly tell them how opening your email will offer them real value, not spam.

Examples: 6 Instagram hacks for better Instagram Stories.
3 ways to fix your sleep cycle tonight.
4 simple NO PREP meals.

Ask a question: Learn to ask the right questions that your audience can’t resist. Pique their interest and curiosity so they have no choice but to open the email to find the answer.

Examples: Is your blog FTC compliant?
Want to earn more and work less?
Has the Facebook algorithm hurt your engagement?

Spark controversy: Controversy often gets a bad rap, but the truth is that people love it – they’re intrigued by it; they want to say something about it. A bold subject line can quickly draw your reader in, as they wonder what your take on the topic will be and where they stand on the issue.

Examples: Why I’m happy my husband kept his surname.
Why feminism is for EVERYONE
Why are white people whispering the word ‘black’?

Challenge your reader: Learn the art of walking the fine line between challenging and insulting your reader. Why? Because people feel supremely challenged and motivated when they’re told they’re not the greatest at something – people want to be better or the best, and when you challenge them, they’re intrigued to learn more.

A word of caution – use this technique thoughtfully so you don’t turn off and insult your reader with a headline like, “This is why your website sucks!”

Examples: Don’t make these parenting mistakes.
3 reasons you’re not hitting your business goals.

Be relatable: Since you intimately know who your audience is, speak to them in a naturally relatable way.

Examples: Fighting the winter blues during pregnancy.
Tired of struggling with weight loss?
The budget-friendly guide to vegan shopping.

Use power words: Campaign Monitor compiled a list of strong power words based on a comprehensive email subject line study that boosted an email’s success. Depending on your goals, industry, and audience, consider adding some of these words along with using other thoughtful techniques.

Successful email campaigns start with an intentional subject line.

To ensure a higher click/open rate on your email campaigns, your subject lines must be carefully contemplated and not simply be an afterthought. Email marketing is a highly effective way to boost sales, grow an audience, and establish a loyal following because of the value you provide your audience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for success.

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