How Small Businesses Can Use Web-Based Projects to Take Themselves to the Next Level

There’s no doubt about it: The world of online collaboration has given small businesses the opportunity to work with remote teams and suppliers from anywhere in the world. 

And with this new level of flexibility, small businesses can leverage the internet to do things that were once only possible with in-person meetings. But to take advantage of this new world of internet collaboration, you need to adopt a new mindset. 

Instead of viewing online collaboration as a replacement for face-to-face meetings, you need to see it as a way to take your company to the next level. That’s why today, Olive + Ash is outlining how small businesses can use web-based projects to take themselves to the next level.

Collaborative Working

There’s a new way of working that’s sweeping through the tech scene: the remote team. With a remote team, you don’t have any physical offices or employees. Instead, all team members work out of their homes, either as full-time remote workers or as part-time remote teams.

This has led to a remarkable level of flexibility. You can now have a team of remote workers who are geographically spread across the globe. They don’t need to all be in the same city; they just need to be in the same country. 

And thanks to modern communication tools, that’s not a problem. This level of flexibility has led to remote teams being used for everything from development to project management.

Better Communication

In today’s online world, no communication issue is insurmountable. With the right communication tools, you can still stay in touch with everyone on the team no matter where they are in the world.

Moreover, you can also organize virtual meetings and video conferences to boost communication and reduce the risk of miscommunications.

Better Management

With remote working, team members don’t need to book time off together to meet. Instead, they can get their work done from home. This means that there’s no risk of one person holding up the project while they wait for everyone to turn up. In this case, Project time tracking can be beneficial in tracking the project progress with time and help small businesses to better their workflow management.

It’s also much easier to track each member of the team’s productivity so that you can appropriately reward them for their work.

Leverage Internet Marketing

The third way you can use web-based projects to take your company to the next level is by leveraging internet marketing. If you use project management software, you have a unique opportunity to create an online presence and build a marketing foundation for your company. 

You can use the project management software to create an online presence for your business and start to build authority around your brand. You can also use the project management software to create marketing materials—from marketing emails to landing pages—that you can use to promote and expand your business.

Faster and Cheaper Project Delivery

Thanks to the use of video conferencing and social media, remote teams can often get their work done faster than in-person teams. And when looking at cost, remote teams can often find more cost-effective ways to get their work done than in-person teams.

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