How to Create A Clean and Appealing One-Page Website

Having a functional website is mandatory if you want to ensure the visibility of your business in online spaces. Unfortunately, many small business owners get discouraged because they lack the skills to create their websites or the budget to hire professional designers. However, there are many kinds of websites. We can show you how to create a clean and appealing one-page website that won’t break the bank or take up too much of your time. At the Olive Street design agency, we have experience working on small and large projects, and we love helping new businesses stand out from the competition. Here’s a simple and effective way to do that through a streamlined single-page site.

The Importance of Having a Website

Regardless of how you plan to reach your target audience, we strongly suggest setting up a website for your company. If you look at any online marketing campaign, they all inevitably funnel users back to the company’s website. There are a few simple reasons why your website should be the centerpiece of your marketing.

  • Online advertising frequently requires a large budget. Running ads can quickly add up even if you don’t plan to spend too much on marketing. On the other hand, the organic traffic you get from visitors finding your website through search engines is free. By implementing SEO techniques, you can improve the visibility of your website.
  • You are often limited in how you can advertise. Sometimes, these limitations stem from the budget you’ve allotted for your marketing. However, there are also limitations in the amount of text, video duration, and image size. When designing your website, there are very few limitations other than the ones you impose yourself.
  • Marketing typically leads back to a website. Look at any large or small marketing campaign and click on a few ads. Almost all of them will direct you to the company’s website. Their site is where users can fill out forms and complete purchases.

The Benefits of a One-Page Website

The first and most obvious reason to go with a single-page website is that they are much easier and cheaper to design. Furthermore, that simplicity can improve the user experience and make navigation intuitive. Visitors can keep scrolling down and find all the relevant information about your business. Additionally, one-page websites are much easier to maintain. They have fewer links and images, meaning if something goes wrong, you can quickly identify and correct the problem.

How to Create a Clean and Appealing One-Page Website

With all this in mind, here are five tips to help you create a one-page website worthy of your business.  

1 Get Familiar with Duda

Nowadays, there are numerous tools you can use to design simple websites. Some of these services have streamlined the process, allowing you to choose from various templates. However, if you want to create a clean and appealing one-page website, we suggest you look into Duda. Even if you decide to outsource your web design, it will be easy to find web developers with experience in Duda who can create the ideal single-page website for your needs.

2 Have a Strong CTA

The Call To Action button is a critical component of any website’s landing page, and your one-page website should be no different. A CTA inspires visitors to perform your desired action when they arrive at your site. General industry wisdom dictates that you shouldn’t be too pushy when crafting the copy for your CTA. Instead, try to use affirmative language and clearly state the value proposition to your visitors. 

Since the CTA will be one of the first things users see when they reach your website, you must ensure that it aligns with your overall brand values and design choices. One-page websites tend to be minimalistic, and you won’t have many opportunities to express your brand identity. Therefore, every design element should come together to convey your company’s values.

3 Low on Words, High on Aesthetics

The most common mistake we see with one-page websites is that the owners want to cram in as much information as possible on a single page. Unfortunately, this goes against the entire purpose of one-page sites, where the goal should be to embrace minimalism and a sleek design. If you want to create a clean and appealing one-page website, we suggest reducing the number of words as much as possible. Instead of creating a text-heavy site, you can opt for an aesthetically pleasing design since images speak louder than words.

4 Optimize for Mobile

It’s common for web designers to get carried away and try to cram as many features as possible into their websites. However, you should only include what’s necessary when designing a one-page website. Think about who will be accessing your site and from what devices. Most visitors will likely browse your website from their smartphones. Test several website layouts to see if they look good on smaller screens. Try to use a responsive web design that also benefits your SEO. Mobile-friendly features and responsive design provides great SEO value. You will also improve your visibility and get more traffic by optimizing for smartphone users.

5 Include Links to Your Other Business Profiles

Since one-page websites naturally limit what you can present to your visitors, it would be best to include links to social media profiles for your business. Incentivize your customers to stay connected and follow your accounts on social networks by regularly posting interesting updates. Post pictures, videos, and short articles on the appropriate networks where they will get the most engagement. However, you should also remember to link back to your website from those social media accounts.

In summary

You can save significant money and time by opting for a simple, single-page design. We’ve given you five essential tips for creating a clean and appealing one-page website. Now it’s up to you to find the best templates and design choices to bring your creative vision to life. If you don’t know much about web design and struggle to create a compelling presentation for your company – don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to design a site for you that lets you reach more customers.

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