January Alumnus of the Month: Nat Rosasco

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UMRFC Alumnus of the Month Nat Rosasco

Congratulations to the January Alumnus of the Month, Nat Rosasco.

When did you play?
1979 to 1982

What position did you play?
Flanker and Number 8

Special Honors?
Just the honor to play for Michigan Rugby.

Nat in his playing days

Favorite memory of the club?
In 1979, we played the GM team in Flint. These were men while the B side were mostly boys. I was harassed the entire match by a feisty, and somewhat dirty, second row player. I finally had enough of this gent and went up to him, and unfortunately, punched him–not thinking we would go to a Flint bar afterwards together. After we got to the bar, he came up to me and laughed. Said he was surprised it took me that long to retaliate. This sums up rugby for me–whatever happens on the field stays on the field. We are all part of a community that you will only understand if you were a part of it. By the way, in that game was the closest I ever came to scoring. I ran about 35 yards and about to cross the touch line and my buddy on the team Marty Schwartz was right behind me and selflessly passed to Marty and he scored. Not sure why I did, maybe I thought I would score again in my career. To see his grin was worth it after he scored. Kind of.

What are you doing now?
I am the Principal and Creative Director for Olive Street Design, a creative agency based outside of Chicago. We have over 1265 clients, including Harvard University, the City of Chicago, The Seattle Times, AARP and Sweet Baby Ray’s. I am lucky enough to work with my wife, son and two daughters at the agency. Our staff of 18 does website design and development, SEO, social media marketing, branding, print design, ads and more.

Anything else?
Something I find fascinating is how successful U of M Ruggers become in life. I am proud to be a small part of the legacy.

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