Keeping Your Business Afloat: Life Rafts During Pandemic Times

The pandemic has offered us ample opportunity for growth and reflection and an unreasonable amount of stress. Those who operate their own businesses have not been spared this burden — closure mandates, limitations on products, and a cautious customer base have all impacted the bottom line. As many businesses close their doors, it may feel like others are waiting for their turn at the chopping block. You can take steps to keep your doors open by adjusting your practices and reducing costs. 

As you pivot business strategies to keep your doors open, Olive Street Design can help you with marketing and rebranding needs. Reaching potential clients through web design, SEO strategy, social media, and varying print and video options offers your business an opportunity to shine. It may help to begin by thinking of ways to adapt your business to meet current events.

Adapting Your Business to Covid

In your efforts to stay in business during these challenging times, it may help to brainstorm ways to adapt to the changes forced upon us. If you have a customer-facing business, diversifying your offerings may be necessary. Restaurants can reinvent themselves with take-out options and delivery services and may even be able to strike a deal with local grocery stores to sell heat-and-serve options of customer favorites. Businesses that offer non-perishable goods or services may benefit from shifting over to primarily web-based services and market the business accordingly.  

Physical changes to your business may also benefit your customers and your viability. Create an environment that is more conducive to social distancing by creating greater space between aisles or organizing inventory in unique ways. Offering private shopping experiences can also keep customers safe. Establishing an outdoor venue to allow safer customer transactions can also be practical during the summer months. Consider how you can simplify your business and offer diverse services to consumers. Upgrades in certain areas may help you maintain your business in a sensible way.

How Upgrades Can Help

It may seem counterintuitive to upgrade during difficult times, but certain types of upgrades are more likely to draw in customers and maintain your business. There are many ways to make improvements, from tech innovations to physical renovations. Creating an app or text option for your business may help customers access your goods or services more easily. You can also improve your website by offering useful SEO content and online buying options with free shipping as an incentive. 

Knowing when to tackle a project on your own and when to outsource is an important distinction. If you are unsure of your skills in a particular area, it may be best to obtain help; it could save you a lot of time and frustration. Outsourcing through the use of freelance workers can help you with a variety of needs, including growing your client base.

Outsourcing to Attract Business

Making the decision to hire people outside of your business to assist with lead generation services, sales prospects, and marketing has the potential of growing your company significantly. Often, freelancers can take a bird’s eye view of your project and offer new perspectives you may not have considered before. Be sure to check out reviews, costs, and predicted dates for delivery prior to agreeing to a particular freelancer.  

Rebranding and expanding your potential for other sources of business income could ultimately save you from closure. Marketing gurus can start a campaign that involves cold calling, pay-per-click advertising, and email outreach strategies. There are countless ways these specialists can help you renovate your business model for greater success. Before long, your business will be surviving and thriving, despite the pandemic. 

For a consultation and more information about growing your business successfully, visit Olive Street Design today!

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