Olive Street Design Launches The Otis Wilson Charitable Association

Chicago, IL – April 16, 2013 – Olive Street Design, a leading website and graphic design studio, announces the launch of the new Otis Wilson Charitable Association website.

Since retiring, former Chicago Bear and 1985 Super Bowl Champion Otis Wilson recognized the need to educate the youth of America in the ways of a healthy lifestyle.  He started the Otis Wilson Charitable Association, whose mission is to provide an all-inclusive health and fitness program for at-risk youth to educate and empower them to lead healthy lifestyles.

In a day and age where it seems that more kids spend time indoors playing videogames or watching television than they do outside playing and running around, the day and age of fast food, The Otis Wilson Charitable Association has over 15 years of experience developing quality physical education programs focused on the needs of children.  Focusing on promoting both the physical attributes of fitness, as well as the benefits of proper nutrition and heating habits, the OWCA is committed to cultivating a passion for healthy living that empowers at-risk youth.

Partnering with Nat Rosasco and Olive Street Design, The Otis Wilson Charitable Association hopes to spread their message of good living and healthy lifestyles through the youth of America.  Along with former Chicago Bull and six-time NBA Champion Michael Jordan, Nat Rosasco serves on the OWCA Board of Directors with former Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher and Otis Wilson, among others.

About Olive Street Design

Nat Rosasco, Principal of Olive Street Design, knows that every good cause needs support from the community.  As such, Olive Street Design is a proud sponsor of The Otis Wilson Charitable Association, along with companies such as U.S. Cellular, Vienna Beef, Northern Trust Bank, Dr. Pepper, ComEd, Boeing, Citibank, AT&T, & American Family Insurance, among others.

Olive Street Design offers cutting edge website design, graphic design, email marketing, hosting, search engine optimization, branding and maintenance services.  As Chicago’s premier web design company and graphic design studio, we have offices in the Chicago area (Elmhurst/Villa Park) and Milwaukee and Fontana, WI.  Olive Street Design was established by partners who bring over 50 years experience in marketing, graphic design, software development, and website design.  We’ve served large, medium and small businesses alike and consistently deliver results that exceed our client’s expectations.  We will not rest until your happy.

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