OLIVE STREET DESIGN Launches a New Website for Chris Kocinski: For District 205 Board of Education

Olive Street Design is proud to launch a new website for Chris Kocinski: For District 205 Board of Education. Chris and his wife, Kate, have lived in Elmhurst for eight years and have four children. Chris is a Managing Director at investment management firm Neuberger Berman within their Fixed Income division, where he serves as Co-Director of Research.

Chris Kocinski is running for District 205 Board of Education. Reasons to vote for him include:

  • Personal passion for a well-rounded education and it’s life-long benefits
  • Clear understanding of the priorities that Chris would represent if elected (priorities stated on his new website)
  • Well-rounded professional experience with a focus on finance and capital allocation decision making, evaluation of management teams and their strategic plans across various industries, and responsibility for driving an organization towards achieving its goals
  • Alignment of interests with children in District 205 for the next 15 years

To learn more about Chris Kocinski and his priorities, you can visit their new website at https://www.kocinskifor205.com/. Chris Kocinski was able to utilize the expertise of OSD and one of our services that has greatly benefited them is Responsive Web Design. Learn more about how we can help your company by visiting our website to see our complete list of services.

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