Olive Street Design Launches a New Website for Vibrance Pelvic Trainer

Olive Street Design is excited to launch a new website for Vibrance Pelvic Trainer.  Vibrance pelvic trainer is:

  • Incredibly easy to use-the built in vibration tells you how well you are doing and when your pelvic muscles have gotten stronger
  • Has been clinically proven- it is made of silicone rubber sheaths that have been biocompatibly tested for safety and comfort
  • FDA cleared pelvic trainer- this product has been reviewed and cleared by the US FDA for the strengthening of pelvic floor muscles and treatment of urinary incontinence

It can be used by those who want to improve their pelvic strength and improve symptoms of stress urinary incontinence.  This product can also be used to for women after pregnancy to help repair the weakness of the pelvic floor and help women to regain their strength.

The Vibrance pelvic trainer has won the Medical Design Excellence Award for its effectiveness and ease of use.  You are able to purchase several different products on their website, including:

  • Vibrance Pelvic Trainer
  • Vibrance Cleanser
  • Vibrance Batteries

The device comes with audio guided training that helps you to learn how to control your pelvic muscles in order to improve your life.

To learn more about the Vibrance Pelvic Trainer or to purchase this outstanding product, you can visit their new website at http://vibrancepelvictrainer.com/.

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