Olive Street Design Launches a New Website for Yates Protect

You can rely on Yates Protect to meet your public safety needs with the highest quality, safest security solutions. Yates hand-held and walk-through detectors protect you anywhere safety is a concern, from schools, hospitals, and public events, to bars, sporting events, and government offices.

Dr. William Yates, MD is the founder and owner of Yates Enterprises. He grew up on the south side of Chicago. He obtained his Medical Degree from Northwestern University’s prestigious Medical Degree Honors Program. Dr. Yates then practiced as a renowned Trauma Surgeon for many years where he witnessed first-hand the devastating results of gun violence. He is now passionate about providing effective security solutions to schools and other venues to prevent the increasing incidences of tragedy in our nation.

Contact Yates Protect at https://www.yatesprotect.com. If you are in need of a new website, contact us today at www.olivestreetdesign.com

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