Olive Street Design Launches Fiber Embellishments Site!

Olive Street Design is excited to launch a new website for Fiber Embellishments.  Jessica Hinterman, founder of the company, began creating table linens and scarves from distinctive and unusual fabrics that she found during her travels.  She had been frustrated by the lack of Hanukkah linens on the market, so she created a small collection from a favorite print and began selling them to the local Jewish community.  Her designs caught on, and in 2004, Fiber Embellishments was born.

Fiber Embellishments brings their customers limited-edition home and fashion accessories that have been hand-crafted of fabrics, specifically chosen for their unique and appealing prints, durability and softness.  You can shop their wide variety of products on their website and they also help their customers to host their own Fiber Embellishments trunk show.

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