Olive Street Design Launches a New Website for PuttStrong

PuttStrong putting disc, a new golf training putting aid, was developed to improve putting accuracy and confidence for putts inside eight feet, which will lead to lower scores. This intuitive product will help players of all levels improve alignment in all three critical areas: feet, eyes and putter head. When the PuttStrong disc is struck toward the target, it provides immediate feedback on the golfer’s putting stroke. A purely struck putt will result in a smooth roll toward the intended target.

PuttStrong is simple and easy to use for golfers of all abilities!

The PuttStrong putting disc was invented by a low handicapper in Fort Worth, TX, searching for a way to improve his putting consistency in the three to eight foot range. Understanding the concept of drawing a line around a regular golf ball, the development of the PuttStrong putting disc idea was conceived and then developed to its current version over the past two years. Everyone practices putting and warms up before a round differently. The PuttStrong putting disc can be used in drills alongside your regular golf ball. Additional putting discs simply enable you more practice options.

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