Scroll Your Way Into 2015: New Technology Trends

Web design exists in fast-paced world with technology ever-changing, evolving, and growing. With many web trends coming and going, one is surely here to stay: longer scrolling sites. The steady increase of communicating and finding information on-the-go has boosted mobile site popularity. Why? Because accessing the web on your phone is customary, practical, and the easiest way for consumers to obtain information and for companies to effortlessly reach their target market.

When you’re out and about doing errands, commuting on the train, or even sitting in the comfort of your home, scrolling on one page is more convenient and accessible than clicking through various links and tabs on the home page. In fact, all web pages benefit from smartly designed one-page content, such as product and about us pages, allowing people to take in lots of content with minimal time and effort. Longer scrolling pages reduce the amount of page loading time, resulting in active interaction, which is exactly the kind of dynamic communication you want with consumers.

You can experience the difference and impact for yourself with Apple’s iPhone6 webpage  that beautifully showcases all of the products and features on one page or on Olive Street Design’s site  that shows big, bubbly, easy-to-read text and visually stimulating graphics you can enjoy from your computer or mobile device.

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