Tips to Keep Stress and Anxiety to a Minimum When Launching or Growing a Business

Entrepreneurship has its rewards, but the process of starting and growing a small business can be quite stressful — especially for first-time entrepreneurs. But to help you keep your stress and anxiety to a minimum as you launch or grow your small business, Olive Street Design offers the following tips. You’ll learn how to accomplish your business goals without neglecting your mental and emotional well-being in the process.  

Delegate and Outsource

Delegation is a challenge for many entrepreneurs, but learning to effectively delegate tasks can actually boost productivity, free up some of your time, and reduce stress. But if you’re just getting a business off the ground and don’t have any employees to delegate to, how are you supposed to get the help you need? Here are some ideas:

  • Work with freelancers. Freelancers can be utilized on a short- or- long-term basis, depending on your specific business needs. 
  • Enlist help from an agency. Developing your brand identity is a big part of launching or growing a small business, and agencies such as Olive Street Design can help with everything from branding and identity to content development, social media, SEO, and graphic or web design. 
  • Hire your first few employees. If you’re entering the growth phase of the business life cycle, it may be time to hire your first few employees. Skye Schooley of Business News Daily recommends starting with a chief executive officer (CEO), chief operations officer (COO), product manager, and chief technology officer (CTO).

In addition to delegating and outsourcing a few business-related tasks, many entrepreneurs can benefit from the help of a personal assistant, grocery or meal delivery service, or even a housekeeper. For those with children, Choncé Maddox of Calendar offers some tips. 

Take Advantage of Automation

Many business tasks can be automated, saving you time, stress — and in some cases — money. As a few examples, you could send out canned email responses with answers to common customer service questions; set up automatic bill payments for things like software subscriptions and utilities; and schedule social media posts via HootSuite, SocialPilot, or ContentStudio.

Practice Self-Care to Relieve Stress

Self-care is often neglected when you’re busy starting or growing a business, but it’s also one of the best things you can do to keep your physical and mental health in check. If you’re not caring for yourself, your productivity could suffer — and you may eventually experience entrepreneurial burnout as well as increased stress and anxiety. 

Fortunately, there are lots of different self-care strategies for busy entrepreneurs — helping to reduce stress and anxiety without taking up a lot of time or energy. As a few examples, you could step outside for an afternoon walk over your lunch break, take short exercise breaks throughout the day, or listen to a guided meditation when you need a few minutes to yourself. 

For those who work from a home office, another idea is to cleanse the living space of negative energy. Doing so creates a more positive workspace, increases productivity and focus, and contributes to a healthier home. 

The home office should also be designed with health and wellness in mind. Let in some natural light, incorporate houseplants, and set up an ergonomic workstation. You could even create a small meditation area near your home workspace: Just add a meditation cushion or bench, a few candles or incense burners, and an indoor fountain for relaxation and calmness. 

Manage Stress and Your Business Will Thrive

Some stress is good — as it motivates you to achieve your goals — but too much stress is bad for business. The more you can do to practice self-care and delegate or automate your business tasks, the less stress and anxiety you’ll experience as you work toward your entrepreneurial goals. 

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