Who Is Responsible if Your Website is Hacked?

This issue has come up over the years every now and then I decided to dig a little deeper on this gray area question.

I checked with some hosting companies and found that the hosting company isn’t at fault with hacks, and they don’t have anything in place to protect websites from being hacked. That’s why hosting companies partner with companies like SiteLock– to help provide the security. I have used SiteLock and love the customer service and more importantly, the results.

It is not truly the designers, or web developers, fault either unless they were being purposefully malicious, which is not typically the case. Code eventually gets hacked. There are no fingers to point at. It is just the way it is. The client owns the website and the files. Nothing is 100% guaranteed. SiteLock’s services help get you as close to that 100% as possible.

I am a strong advocate of the services that SiteLock offers as you never think you require this service until something bad happens. According to a September article in Forbes magazine, 30,000 websites are hacked EVERY DAY! (source Sophos Labs). Call me if you want to learn more about protecting your website because this is truly a gray area.

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