Free Landscape and Nature Lightroom Presets for Incredible Photos


If you’re a fan of outdoor photography and adore taking photos of nature scenes, these landscape Lightroom presets are the perfect image post processing tools for you. You can use them to enhance your photos in a single click to speed up your workflow, deliver images to customers on the date of the photoshoot, and instantly share them on social media. Moreover, you can do all of that without spending hours trying to learn complex editing techniques in professional editors.

You can use these presets with all Lightroom versions starting from 4 as well as Mobile and CC while enhancing images in RAW, JPEG, TIFF, or PNG formats.

1. Free Lightroom Presets

If you’re just at the start of your path as a professional photographer or you’re simply an enthusiast, you can begin with these free landscape Lightroom presets. They make the adjustments that are necessary to highlight the beauty of landscape shots while enhancing the colors and adding volume to various details.

These presets will help you improve the lighting in the photo by strengthening natural light, which is often hard to get enough if the shooting conditions aren’t perfect. This collection of effects will help find the perfect balance between highlights and shadows while boosting the overall saturation and brightness levels without making the photo look unrealistic or overly edited.

2. Majestic Landscape Lightroom Presets

This bundle of presets was made specifically for landscape photography. The included effects are designed to add a professional look to your images by adjusting the white balance, lighting, colors, and textures.

You’ll receive highly saturated and deep tones while their combination will add even more depth and volume to your landscape photos. Don’t be afraid of distorting natural colors, as the final image will look like it was taken in perfect lighting conditions with a professional camera. Additionally, you can use these presets to add creative effects to your photos like unusual clouds, sun rays, sunset skies, beautiful gradients, etc.

3. HDR Effects Lightroom Presets Collection

This bundle of landscape Lightroom presets can do wonders for your images if your camera isn’t powerful enough to take pro-level outdoor photos. Weaker cameras often struggle to get the right exposure without lowering the picture quality and this collection will help you with that.

The presets instantly fix the white balance, ensuring the photo looks like it was taken on a clear, sunny day. The colors will also look crisp and clean without any unnecessary yellowish or greyish tints. These presets are pretty good at enhancing the sky in landscape photos, adding unusual tones, and creating mesmerizing gradients. Additionally, the textures you get after applying these effects look incredibly detailed and clear, which is very important for landscape photography.

4. Must-Have Lightroom Presets Collection

If you’re interested in a collection of universal presets that are suitable for any photography genre out there, this is the best option for you. This bundle contains tools for enhancing both landscape and portrait photos. They will help you beautify nature images while also performing basic portrait retouching.

After being enhanced with one of these presets, the photo will look like a beautiful greeting card with saturated, bright colors. Use this collection if you want to highlight specific landscape elements like rainbows, clouds, sun rays, or raindrops. These presets can also enhance the texture in your photos and add various effects like shadows, a subtle haze, etc.

5. Let It Snow Lightroom Presets

These landscape Lightroom presets were made primarily for enhancing winter photos. In their original form, such images often look dim and flat, which is something these effects can easily fix. Their primary purpose is to add more lighting to the scene while adjusting the white balance.

If the image features snow, it will become brighter while its surface will be enriched with additional tones and glares. You can use these presets to add a snowfall effect that can greatly enhance the shot. Conversely, some of the included tools somewhat darken the background, emphasizing the foreground and focusing the viewer’s entire attention on the model if you’re taking outdoor portraits.

6. O&T Lightroom Presets Collection

The Orange & Teal bundle is a fantastic fit for summertime nature images. They are equally well suited for pure landscapes and various portrait and staged photos against a seaside background, on the beach, or even underwater.

These presets are a perfect fit for photos that have an abundance of blue and yellow-orange tones. After applying these tools, you’ll receive stunningly deep blue tones, which make all water surfaces look fantastic. The filters add depth to the shot by playing around with the highlights and shadows and adding sun glares. Additionally, Orange & Teal presets are great at bringing out the detail in the sand by emphasizing its texture and highlighting each grain.

7. Underwater Photography Lightroom Presets Collection

If you’re an underwater photography enthusiast, these presets will help deal with the overly faded colors of such photos by making your RAW images brighter and more eye-catching.

In just a single click, you can significantly enhance the lighting and saturation of your photos to highlight the beauty of the underwater world with bright colors that still look natural. Moreover, the images will become clearer and less blurry unless you pick a specific preset for blurring the background. This collection is also great at enhancing the textures to ensure you see the tiniest details of every seaweed, coral reef, or small fish.

8. Dark Moody Lightroom Presets Collection

If you want your photos to look darker than the original version, these Dark Moody presets should do the trick. They will beautifully darken the photos and add nobler tones while maintaining their overall brightness and quality level since these filters don’t take away the lighting but only make it slightly more muted.

This collection is particularly great at enhancing the greens and browns in your photos. You’ll receive attractive dark tones of these colors that will complement each other perfectly and match the tonal range of all other hues. If the photo features models, their skin will gain a subtle tan. These nature Lightroom presets also add soft shadows that combine with natural sun glares to add volume to the photo.

9. Chocolate Effect Lightroom Presets

Add warmth to your photos by applying a subtle chocolate tone. This collection is a terrific fit for photos taken at sunset, in soft daylight, and even on an overcast day. They create soft lighting and increase its amount if the natural light is insufficient. These tools also adjust the white balance to ensure the image doesn’t have a yellow tint or looks overly grey.

You’ll receive beautiful calm tones of the greenery, ground, sky, and other elements. These effects also remove excessive glares and tone down overly vibrant tones. Moreover, you’ll preserve all details and textures while highlighting separate details (leaves, grass, flowers, etc.)

10. Forest Mobile Lightroom Presets

If you prefer to take photos with your smartphone, take advantage of presets that were created specifically for this purpose. They will significantly enhance the quality of your smartphone photos across all parameters.

This collection consists of presets that are suitable for post processing images with a lot of greenery. If you often take forest photos, then you know how difficult it is to adjust green tones to ensure they look appealing and not flat. These effects will create incredible green tone combinations, helping you preserve the depth of the shot. They’ll also highlight the texture of the foliage, tree bark, and other objects.

11. Earth Tone Mobile Lightroom Presets Collection

This bundle of landscape Lightroom presets will help you tone down overly bright photos while enhancing them with brown, grey, and greenish tones, which are essential for nature photography. These presets are suitable for photos taken in the forest, mountains, or other locations that don’t require bright and oversaturated colors.

Instead of blinding light, you’ll receive soft lighting that resembles the autumn sun. Experiment with various effects from this collection to determine what look suits the sky the best – should it be blurred, cloudy, or completely overcast. Some presets make the tones warmer while others are cooler, allowing you to pick an option that suits your vision the best.

12. Sunrise to Sunset Mobile Lightroom Presets

This is the perfect preset collection to use whenever you’re editing photos taken at sunrise or sunset. Developed specifically for this purpose, these tools will help you preserve the natural brightness and tones that were created by the rays of the setting or rising sun.

If your photos ended up being overexposed, these presets will help fix that flaw. They will also highlight the glares and individual sun rays while introducing beautiful light spillovers. Use them to remove excessive shadow sharpness and make the lines softer by slightly blurring the textures. The colors will also gain warm subtones and beautiful natural hues while maintaining sufficient brightness.

13. Winter Joy Mobile Lightroom Presets Collection

Add volume and saturation to your wintertime mobile photos by using the presets included in this collection. They’re perfect for portrait photos taken against a winter landscape, as they slightly blur the background and make the model look sharper and more eye-catching.

These tools can help you add snowflakes, sunrays, glimmering, and other details that will enhance your winter photos and make them look more interesting. Additionally, these presets will balance out various parameters like white balance, texture, grain, and saturation.


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