Picking the Best Social Media Platform for Your Business

Social media runs the world. The concept grew from a simple application to powerful software utilized both for personal use and business projects. It became an inseparable part of companies all around the world. The power to reach out to people and connect with everyone is just what your company needs. However, picking the best social media platform for your business comes with a few difficulties. With so many options to choose from, how can you decide which platform is the right one?

Follow the nature of your business

Even though most social media apps serve the same purpose, you will notice how some specialize in certain areas. The first factor that will help you determine which platform to use is the nature of your business. Running a B2C or B2B business is a huge difference.

B2C companies need social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. However, if your company is B2B oriented, you will find better use of LinkedIn. Its ability to build powerful business connections will significantly aid your company.

Be where your target audience is

A successful company is one that follows its customers. If you are trying to find the best social media platform for business purposes, you need to find your target audience. If the majority of your clients use Facebook, you won’t benefit from focusing on Instagram.

Sure, you will open your business to a new network of potential future customers. However, you should not forget about your old clients. Focus on them first, and make sure they become returning customers.

Analyze customer demographics

Another factor that will help you determine the best social media platform to use is customer demographics. This includes:

  • customers’ age;
  • gender;
  • social status;
  • spending habits;

There are other factors as well. Factors that tell you who your clients are. For example, if you are targeting older people, you will have better chances with Facebook. However, if you want to focus on teenagers, consider TikTok. It is the newest hip thing, and that’s where all the young people are.

Do not split your focus between multiple platforms

Another reason why you should focus on your target audience is so you can put all of your efforts into managing a single platform. If you try to spread yourself all over the place and be active everywhere, you might hit a brick wall.

Managing multiple social media platforms on your own is difficult. We are not saying it is impossible and that you should not try. However, there is a time for it. The effect of the pandemic is still among us, and many companies are struggling to stay open. If you are just starting, you should start slow. Keep your business afloat by focusing on a single platform. Do not stretch out your budget by investing in multiple platforms.

Research your competitors

Another good way to find the best social media app to connect with your clients is through competitors. You should be providing service to the same group of customers. Both your and their clients are on the same networks. Try to understand what their social media strategy is.

Just remember, you should never copy what they do. Always aim higher. Researching competitors will give you a push in the right direction.

What social media platform offers the best digital marketing capabilities?

Another thing to consider is how social media integrates with your website. Furthermore, how can it help you strengthen your digital marketing efforts?


A lot of companies utilize social media to advertise, and you should do the same. However, running a digital marketing campaign on social media requires a lot of effort and energy.

If you don’t think you will manage that on your own, consider consulting companies such as moversdev.com and see what your options are. There are a lot of companies that specialize in utilizing social media for advertising. A professional team will also help you integrate social media into your website and make it work for you.

If using multiple social media platforms, be consistent!

The rule of thumb for using multiple social media platforms is – whatever you do on one platform, you need to do on all the rest. That’s the tricky part and the reason why startups should only focus on a single platform.

However, when the time comes to expand, you need to understand how things work. All of your customers are expecting the same level of service. If one client uses Instagram and the other uses Facebook, both need to receive the same information.

Another factor that will help you pick your social media platforms is how well they work together. Some are easier to manage than others. Consider that before making your decision.

How to attract more people to the social media platform of your choice?

Once you have settled on a social media platform for your business, start thinking about engaging more people. Even those that do not use it. The golden ticket for this strategy is using e-mails. All social media platforms require an e-mail when signing in.


Start building a list of e-mail contacts to use in your marketing campaign. The main goal should be to attract more people to the platform you use. The best way to do it is to offer special discounts or promotions for anyone following you on social media. That way, you are engaging potential clients and bringing them to you.


When creating an e-mail campaign, the most critical part is to use e-mail subject lines that work. You need something that attracts attention and calls for action.

Picking the best social media platform for your business is a necessary step

Using social media has become a vital part of any business. As explained, its ability to connect people is a valuable tool. Picking the best social media platform for your business will take time. But, it is a necessary step, and you don’t want to rush it.

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