The End of Google+

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In October 2018 Google made a stunning announcement that they’re finally shutting down Google+ for consumers. This social platform was supposed to be Google’s version of Facebook and to compete with the largest social network in the world but it never managed to live up to its potential. The biggest problem with Google+ was that… Read more »

Olive Street Highlighted as a Leading Legal Web Design Firm in Clutch’s Press Release!

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Olive Street Design believes in the power of transformation. We empower companies to evolve through the digital experiences that we cultivate for our clients, and Olive Street Design prides itself on the quality of our web design services. In that vein, though, we’re very happy to share some industry recognition from business insight firms Clutch… Read more »

Olive Street Design shines as a top Digital Agency, Digital Designer, Web Designer & Naming Agency in Clutch’s annual report!

Olive Street Design was selected as a top Chicago Digital Agency, Digital Designer, Web Designer & Naming Agency in Clutch’s Chicago Leader report!           Today, Olive Street Design was featured as leading agency in not one, not two, not three, but four leaders’ matrices in Clutch’s press release of top Chicago… Read more »

Why a responsive site is more important than ever.

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What is mobile-first indexing and why is it crucial for your business? It’s official – having a mobile-friendly website is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Now that Google started the process of “mobile-first indexing,” everyone is second guessing how responsive their website really is and how they can improve it for a better user… Read more »

Why you need online reviews for your business

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Whether you’re looking for a new hair stylist, plumber, or restaurant to try out, chances are you’re in the 90% of people who report consulting the all-important online reviews first. You check the amount of stars a vacuum got on Amazon; you look for pictures of customer’s food and listen to their experiences; you see… Read more »

Olive Street Design Launches a New Lead Website for Laura O’Connor Design: Model Home Interior Design

                                                      Olive Street Design is excited to launch a new lead website for Laura O’Connor Design:  Model Home Interior Design.  Laura O’Connor Design is an award-winning, national interior design firm delivering superior model home merchandising solutions for top homebuilders throughout the nation.… Read more »

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