Who Is Responsible if Your Website is Hacked?

This issue has come up over the years every now and then I decided to dig a little deeper on this gray area question. I checked with some hosting companies and found that the hosting company isn’t at fault with hacks, and they don’t have anything in place to protect websites from being hacked. That’s… Read more »

How I Grew Traffic by 427.5% for a Small Online Publication

I am sure you have seen plenty of articles about how some companies managed to grow their website traffic by 1,000+ percent. Even though these numbers look great, what is not mentioned in these articles is the company’s access to a seven-figure marketing budget and a full marketing team. This level of growth is not… Read more »

Olive Street Design heads to Ann, Arbor Michigan!

October 5th, 2013 ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Olive Street Design just recently headed to Ann Arbor, Michigan for the University of Michigan Wolverine’s Homecoming college football game against Big 10 Conference foe, the Minnesota Golden Gophers. This meeting at the Big House in Ann Arbor for Homecoming weekend was the 100th overall meeting between the two… Read more »

Olive Street Design goes to Harvard University!

Sept 19, 2013. O’HARE AIRPORT, CHICAGO, IL Four Olive Street Design workers woke up bright and early at 4 am on September 19th to head on over to the airport to fly over to Boston, Massachusetts. Nat Rosasco, Nick Rickard, Alex Stasyuak and James Rosasco were heading to Harvard University to meet James Fitzpatrick and… Read more »

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