How To Create A Team For Your Small Business

Is your small business comprised of a small team? If not, now is your opportunity to plan for new employees to help you stay ahead.  You’ll need to consider where potential areas of growth are and how establishing new positions can lead to a more proactive business plan. With these changes, you’ll need to prepare… Read more »

Olive Street Design now offers Branded Service Posts!

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Businesses often focus on publishing frequent content on their blogs to drive traffic and attract customers. But does that really work? We don’t think so. Here’s a fact for you: 20,000 new blog posts are published per day online, and that is on WordPress alone! You can’t compete with quantity, but you CAN commit to… Read more »

Olive Street Design Launches Maggie Daley Park Site!

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Olive Street Design is excited to launch a new website for Maggie Daley Park.  The former Daley Bicentennial Plaza site has been transformed into Maggie Daley Park, a magnificent lakefront recreation center that is located in the Chicago Loop.  The exceptional architect behind the park, Michael Van Valkenburgh, had the ribbon cutting on December 13, 2014.  The… Read more »

Scroll Your Way Into 2015: New Technology Trends

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Web design exists in fast-paced world with technology ever-changing, evolving, and growing. With many web trends coming and going, one is surely here to stay: longer scrolling sites. The steady increase of communicating and finding information on-the-go has boosted mobile site popularity. Why? Because accessing the web on your phone is customary, practical, and the… Read more »

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